About LiveSpace

LiveSpace is a national, full-service audio, video and lighting commercial integrator based in Grand Rapids, MI. We specialize in seamless system design and integration from idea conception to project completion with the goal of creating relevant and coherent end-user experiences for houses of worship, performance spaces and the hospitality, retail and food and beverage markets. We are dually a live event production, staging and rental company for corporate conventions, concerts, entertainment venues, festivals and special events.


Our Mission

To create dynamic sensory experiences

A deeper insight into our existence...

LiveSpace exists because of our people and their passion for creating dynamic audio, video and lighting experiences and memorable live event production while honoring the integrity of the integrated space or live event venue in which we collaborate, work and perform. Inherently wired within a blueprint of genuine company culture, sincere values and relatable camaraderie, which distinguish and guide our actions, LiveSpace resonates with the goal to provide value, over-deliver and amaze our customers to earn their respect, trust and referrals.


Our Vision

To be known for our people, creativity and expertise

A determined commitment to our future...                                                                                                                                                                   

LiveSpace is committed to leveraging our industry's demands so that we may be pioneers of future technologies and a higher standard of integration and service in order to broaden our business’s scope of work to perpetually enable the company for strong, sustainable long-term growth. While ever-conscious about behaving with integrity and championing the company’s culture to remain authentic and enthusiastic, LiveSpace aims to establish trusted brand recognition and be sought after nationally for integration business, and, simultaneously, be known regionally for providing dependable full-service event production and reliable rental services.



We love our people. A lot. We’re proud of our team. They’re the vital heartbeat who keep us alive. At the core of LiveSpace is our company culture - a distinguishable mix of inherent characteristics and holistic expectations that are both endorsed by management and embraced by everyone on staff. We believe that if we treat our people like people, support them in their personal pursuits, allow them flexibility in times of family priorities and give them a confident voice of ownership of company progress then that balance of work and home will translate into healthy, thriving and productive business success stories. 

We’re fortunate that many players on our team have professional or recreational experience in the industry in which we work. These connections help make the design, integration and event production processes a complement to the passions we already enjoy, and our conversations with customers sincere and authentic. We challenge each other to lift the standard of our creativity and practices so that we’re always evolving toward creating better end-user experiences. Over-delivering on a customer’s expectations is no longer an exception, but the expected benchmark, and it’s our job to keep refining that standard as our standard for excellence.

And, because we’re human, sometimes we make a mistake. But, we’ll own up to it and do everything in our power to make it right. When we’re challenged with an opportunity for improvement, we take it seriously and learn from it. We’re our biggest critics, and trust us - we keep each other in check. Our internal communication is honest, respectful and happens daily to ensure that we’re all working for our customers and each other with integrity. If you ever catch us slipping, let us know - we’ll fix it. Our door is always open; we want you to feel like you’re a part of this, too.

To be completely transparent, we’re not just co-workers; we’re friends. Like really good friends. And there’s nothing like celebrating a job done well, wishing one of our own congratulations for a life milestone, forming a new customer relationship or simply taking a deep breath after a long week at the office. From 9-5, we’re all business (most of the time). After, you’ll still find us in jeans and a T-shirt - nothing fancy, enjoying each other’s company, not talking too much shop and with glasses raised toasting to a company we’re proud of and the people who make us who we are. 

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