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As the trusted benchmark association in the audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide, we’re impressed with InfoComm International’s equipment and services directory, AV-iQ.  To coincide with the launch of the new face of our website,, we confidently invested in the strength of integrating InfoComm’s depth of information and resources to our online home.

According to and powered by InfoComm, “AV-iQ offers the most comprehensive pro-AV resource in North America. Explore audiovisual equipment catalogs featuring the brand-new product data comparison tool & BIM library. Get exclusive access with My iQ & sign up for product news & more. Locate local service providers with the AV Services Directory & the upcoming Unified Communications directory & check out the case studies library.”

We’re proud to offer our own personalized AV-iQ product catalog as that comprehensive resource to inquiring minds.  Our visitors, partners and potential customers have an opportunity to explore the easily-searchable vast list of equipment, manufacturers, newly released products (within 90 days) and industry news essential to planning their next dream integration or modest system enhancement.  

Jason Ley


Posted by on in LiveSpace

All Business… Most of the Time

As we tackle sharing LiveSpace with the world, we should let the world get to know us.  This entry for theSignal attempts to give our new visitors an insight into why we are the way we are and those who already know us a wider peak behind the curtain in what makes us tick.  When I interviewed for my position at LiveSpace I knew immediately after, when I got up from the table at HopCat to leave, that it was not only a job I wanted, but a career I needed with a company that was different

I suppose it’s only fair to offer full disclosure that AJ and I had gotten to know each other professionally while I was at my previous job; I hired LiveSpace for multiple installs and live event projects, not to mention all the times I called him in the middle of the night needing emergency service (and he, or Mike or Sam or Aaron or Nate always came running to take care of me).  

During that time, AJ and I developed a social rapport outside of the office, so sitting down with him to interview wasn’t as much pressure as a typical firing squad in front of a panel of anonymous decision makers in suits as it was a test, I think, for Josh to see if I was going to mesh with LiveSpace’s culture and for me if LiveSpace’s culture would accept me.  I don’t know who was selling himself more – AJ on behalf of the company or me on behalf of the fact that he could trust me with his company and its culture, which I could tell was monumentally important to him.  He was proud of LiveSpace and he wanted to recruit those who had the same passion.

During my interview, I honed in on what I knew I come to expect as part of the LiveSpace team, which resonated with how I personally strive to approach living, and that was they like to “do life” together.  That is, AJ has endorsed a culture for LiveSpace that encourages all of us to enjoy each other’s company during work, that family was equally important to deadlines and that a healthy does of fun and play is instrumental to maintaining sanity and productivity.  Don’t be surprised if you swing by the office unannounced because some of this has been known to happen before 5 p.m.

Every day around noon, you can find us sitting at our conference table together for lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised during my first week here to find out that if I didn’t make roll call for lunch I would be sought out and lovingly nudged to step away from my desk and join the group.  That felt good.  And, although probably insignificant to most, it reassured me that I was in the right place.

Many of us play instruments, and although we're still trying to decide on a LiveSpace band name, most days you can walk through the office as someone is clearing their head while strumming a few chords on their guitars or warming up a drum kit.

If you caught the rolling slideshow on the homepage, you probably noticed the purple Teletubby.  Yeah, that was me last Halloween.  Thanks to the guys for snapping the photo and sealing me in infamy.  If you want the animated, inside joke version, check out the video, hilariously captured by Ward.

On Christmas, we get a little silly in ugly sweaters and a whole bunch of other awfully embarrassing clothes for our annual company party, and in the summer we try our swing at a staff golf outing.

And, every other week on payday Friday, we have this little thing where whoever’s not out of town on a job site converges at a local establishment to share good food, drink and conversation as we toast to a job well done.

Because we truly treat LiveSpace as seriously as we do, we know where the balance is and when it’s okay to have a little fun and laugh at ourselves because doing life is just as important as doing good work. And, just as I did in our first blog post, you’re all invited to come do life with us anytime you want.  Here’s to all of us enjoying the finer things in life that aren’t necessarily always things – cheers!

Jason Ley, Marketing Director/National Sales

It’s no surprise (anymore) that technology evolves with every passing second.  By the time you read this, the keyboard on which I type might be obsolete. New smartphones come out seemingly weekly, if not more frequently. Computers are getting faster, smaller. Cars are getting more intelligent (but do they really still make them like they used to?). Everything keeps changing at breakneck pace. It's extremely difficult to try to keep up with the latest and greatest, yet we try.  Perhaps this brief highlight will help you and your congregation stay at pace with, if not ahead of, the ever-present technology trend.

For tech directors, have you heard the word shared via the social networking site, The City? Here, you can connect with other tech directors from around the country, engage in idea sharing, ask questions and get positive support. It's free to join and use, and a great tool to see what other leaders are doing and how they’re using technology in their worship spaces.

As House of Worship professionals, there are numerous trade publications available to you with complimentary subscriptions.  One, in particular, that you can always turn to is Church Production Magazine.  CPM is “the definitive reference for houses of worship that are integrating audio, video, lighting, production and internet technologies in their weekly services.”  Trust us, CPM works.  Full disclosure: We believe in the power of their publication enough to advertise with them as well.  Flipping through, we hope you’ll notice our print ad campaign.  We like it.  We’ll even autograph your copy when we meet next.

Blog 011813 CPM ad JanFeb 2013

After you join The City and subscribe to Church Production Magazine, remember that you can always contact us here at LiveSpace. C’mon, who knows this stuff better than one of the AVL industry’s leading implementers of new technology? We have a great team of people who have a passion for technology and a passion for seeing dreams realized within a variety of church spaces – from the historical to the modern. We can help you sift through the fluff and find smart solutions to fit your culture and vision. So call us, text us, email us, Facebook us, tweet us, Google+ us, LinkedIn us, Instagram us or pin us (we’re still getting used to that one).

With so many ways to connect with us, there's really no reason (or excuse!) not to.  So, while we excitedly look forward to shaking your hand in person, we're going to go back to work on our flux capacitor so we can continue to stay on pace with technology trends in the future.

Brian Williams, Operations Manager (circa 2012)

Posted by on in LiveSpace


Welcome to TheSignal, the brand new LiveSpace blog! To first get the formalities out of the way, we invite you to subscribe to theSignal, sign up for our newsletter and follow us across all the major social media networks as we document our adventures in audio/video/lighting (AVL) integration, live events and life.  We’re also very excited to show off our freshly redesigned website, here at  Without further hesitation, let’s get to know each other!

Whether this is your first engagement with LiveSpace or it’s been a while since we’ve worked together, you should know two things about us: First, we stand by our Core Values while believing in embracing your and our company’s professional culture – a balanced mix of both in order to deliver the best possible result for our customers.  Second, we do what we do using innovative products to design a system unique and coherent with the smartest technology in multidimensional sound, dynamic lighting and brilliant video

 We’re real people doing really great work, and we want you to believe in us as much as we care about understanding what drives you.  As an integrator and live events company, it’s essential that our relationship with you is built on the foundation that we’ll always come to the table with an honest interest in making sure the needs of your end-users are met with expectations exceeded while honoring the integrity of your space, which we lovingly refer to as your “LiveSpace.”

2012 proved to be quite a positively busy, successful year for us.  We were fortunate enough to make more than a handful of new relationships, gaining new integration business both locally in Michigan and nationally – as far west as California, south to Florida and east to Boston.  And, our live events résumé continues to grow in scope and quantity.  If you haven’t seen it, watch this slick video by the Grand Rapids Griffins on YouTube where we did some pretty awesome projection work on the ice at Van Andel Arena during the Griffins’ 2012 home opener.

In order to keep up with the ever increasing pace and volume of business we’ve been blessed with, we’ve realigned our team and are preparing for a major move, literally.  By the end of this February/early March, we’re combining our corporate offices and our live events/shipping & receiving warehouse, relocating to under one centralized roof.  We’re still staying in Grand Rapids, MI (because we love it here!), but in order to maintain and even increase our operational efficiency, the smartest decision for us is to combine forces in one centralized location.  With that being said, please note that closer to the date we’ll be announcing our new address.  And, once we get it all pretty and squared away you’ll be the first to get the invite to come visit.

As TheSignal develops, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with questions, suggestions and praise.  And, if you’re ever surfing around and happen to notice anything that’s out of whack or doesn’t appear/function like you think it should, please let us know and we’ll initiate a fix right away.  In the meantime, let’s continue to do life, build relationships, embrace culture and knock out the most amazing integration projects and live events by designing and creating out of the box and into your LiveSpace.

- Jason Ley, Marketing Director/National Sales

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