The Gilmore Collection


"The Gilmore Collection works exclusively with LiveSpace for all our audio, visual and lighting needs for its multiple locations and many different concepts from dance clubs, banquet rooms, restaurants and bars.  LiveSpace knows the industry and the products extremely well, is very responsive and timely with design, installations and service, and is a great one-stop source for our group.”  

The B.O.B.

"If you're at all familiar with our popular Big Old Building, then you've probably surely seen the 16-panel LED video wall LiveSpace installed light up the sky.  They handled everything from tear-down and removal of our old display (not an easy task!) to installing the new one, retrofitting the existing foundation structure to support it safely.  In addition to being the exclusive audio/video/lighting integrator for The B.O.B. and the rest of The Gilmore Collection, their attention to us is dedicated around the clock.  As a company with multiple locations and varying degrees of needs, they do an amazing job of making sure we're taken care of even late into the night when our bars and nightclubs are at their busiest.  For a company local to Grand Rapids, LiveSpace deserves to be noticed and recognized nationally."  

97.9 WGRD WGRD_logo.png

"The team at LiveSpace are complete professionals and willing to do whatever it takes to run a successful event.  Ward, Jason, Todd and everyone else at LiveSpace provided multiple options to fit within our budget.  They even communicated with our artists to make sure they had everything they needed. I'm excited to have a great partnership between LiveSpace and Townsquare Media for years to come!"  

Kitchen 67


"LiveSpace was truly instrumental in helping design Kitchen 67's tech-savvy concept.  Their 25-panel LED video wall hangs attractively over the main dining area ceiling, and transforms the ambiance into a mood ring experience for our guests, a visual attraction unique to us and unlike anything I've seen in the fast-casual dining industry.  In an effort to continue further my business's relationship with one of our largest trusted vendors, Pepsi, LiveSpace worked side-by-side with them to develop a solution for Pepsi that they've been searching for - a first of its kind fountain machine with projection-based animated promotions.  For our guest's enjoyment, LiveSpace also integrated an iPod Touch into one of the walls, powered by iTunes DJ, allowing our guests to add to their dining experience by choosing their own soundtrack during their visit.  Overall, their team has been an integral part of the entire process - from the design phase to a clean and seamless install to providing service and follow-through whenever needed.  They're an impressive company doing innovative things."  

Comstock Christian Reformed Church

"LiveSpace, without a question, are experts on sound. Not only are they knowledgeable but they are very reasonable in their pricing. LiveSpace updated our church's new sound system, which was over 25 years old. When we got the system up and running, the people who couldn't hear the pastor preach for many years could suddenly hear without any assistance. We had many dead spots in our church, but the system eliminated all those spots and now people can sit anywhere without worrying about not hearing. Lastly, LiveSpace is very personable. You can call the guys anytime you need and they respond very well. They work with you to get the sound you want and need, and helped a guy like me (who didn't know anything about sound) to learn more."

Crush and Eve, The B.O.B.


"As the General Manager of Crush and Eve (located at The B.O.B), the two hottest nightclubs in Grand Rapids, MI, it's imperative that we operate with the goal of achieving the highest level of guest satisfaction possible - not only in terms of hospitality and service, but with the overall interactive audio and visual ambiance and experience. Trusting LiveSpace to do the work for us has helped us exceed even our own expectations. I always feel comfortable and safe communicating a project vision AJ Sweeney - that the integrity of my initiatives will be treated with discretion and that their confident knowledge, product recommendations and approach to seeing the job through from conception to completion will appropriately produce the results I need. The team at LiveSpace has earned the reputation for consistently displaying sincere and personal attention, reliable 24/7 on-site or over-the-phone tech support, professionalism during installation and service and unparalleled attention to detail. LiveSpace comes with my highest recommendation to anyone in need of meeting and exceeding their own industry demands for the best in audio, visual and lighting capabilities."

Juice Ball

"Holy Schnikes! There is no way Juice Ball would be what it is without LIveSPace; from that first day when you guys rolled in with the monster rock system that rattled the bones of the JW Marriott, to the conceptualization of Grand Slam Juice Ball in July 2013...Kids Food Baset and myself will always be indebted to LiveSpace..Josh, Ward and Todd - I love you guys!"

Louis Benton Grill | Leopard Lounge

"When we decided to open the Leopard Lounge; because of the unusual layout of the room we had a hard time visualizing just how things were going to work from both an aesthetic and architectural perspective, but we knew the sound and lighting was an important component. Not only did the LiveSpace team present logical user friendly solutions, they helped us visualize the dream of the space itself."

Brass Band of Battle Creek

“Ward and Keith were absolutely AMAZING! LiveSpace transformed our Christmas concert into something our audience will not soon forget! They are true masters of their craft and so much fun to work with. We HIGHLY recommend LiveSpace’s work!! A standing ovation from the Brass Band of Battle Creek!” 

Michigan Association of Non-public Schools

"The Michigan Association of Non-public Schools (MANS) was thrilled to work with LiveSpace at its statewide conference in October 2012 in Grand Rapids. The staff was entirely professional and bent over backward to make things work smoothly.  LiveSpace has an extremely knowledgeable staff and are constantly suggesting innovative ways to make the audio/visual aspect of our Conference state of the art - all while working on a budget.  Ward LaDuke was a pleasure to work with and was very responsive to all of our requests.  I would highly recommend anyone coming to Grand Rapids or elsewhere to begin and end their search for AV assistance with LiveSpace.”  

Epikos Church

“We have been very pleased in working with LiveSpace on multiple projects. We recently had a very complicated project that we wondered how we would find a solution for it.  We purchased a 1929 theater that we desired to maintain the beautifully historic architecture while simultaneously installing state of the art sound and lights for worship.  LiveSpace sorted through multiple challenges to accomplish our desired outcome.  They were great to work with and provided a great product.” 

the Yardsticks

“When I think about LiveSpace the best part is, I don't have to think much. They give me peace of mind and confidence that whatever the sound and visual needs are they have a handle on it and I don't have to think much about it. Plus, they have a lot of experience with old Murphy and figure his law will pop up on most projects, which they are prepared for. They are a great team and have made my events look, sound and run great.”  

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